19 January 2019

Getting Serious about Home (Computer) Security

From the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s easy to forget that computer security importance. I talked to a neighbor just down the mountain who has been the victim of hackers. By breaking into his email accounts, access was gained to personal info, and a business.  It’s no laughing matter. The business loses money, the customers lose money, and the thieves profit. It’s clear we need to talk about basic security measures that the average person can take to protect themselves. Nothing fancy, just the basics.

In this blog I plan to post about Computer Security for the home, specially for the non-technical family. In the following pages I will describe some security basics to protect you financially, on the computer, around the house, on the road, on vacation. We will also talk about software and hardware available to make the job easy and an uninvasive part of your life.



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